Montessori Education


When you choose a Montessori education for your child, you are taking the right step towards ensuring his or her independence and happiness in the future, as this style of education makes learning an inviting and appealing experience. Teachers and the system are the two aspects that make this type of schooling stand out from the other conventional methods.


Montessori teachers undergo rigorous training on various aspects including child development, childhood education with special emphasis on the early stages and subject matter. They use all their training to prepare the environment and the materials to suit children of different ages.


This educational system ensures that the process of learning is highly uncluttered for the children, and it covers various aspects related to practical life, language, mathematics and sensorial learning in addition to music, art and physical sciences.


This system allows children to learn on their own pace with emphasis on critical thinking, having a responsibility taking mindset and problem solving skills. Children coming out of this system gain real world experience during schooling and take this knowledge into their adulthood.

In Fremont Montessori schools, they provide effective education to students to improve their confidence, competence and to promote their self-esteem. The education system looks at children as self-directed individuals and fosters their growth toward independence and social responsibility by providing a joyful, calm and orderly environment.